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It hurts when you fall for someone
And they fall with you
But you can’t be with them at the moment
So you just have to wait
Days, months, years
Until one day you can try again
But you don’t know if they’ll still be there
Or if either of you have changed too much to fit together again
And there’s so much waiting
It’s painful to say goodbye
When you might be able to say hello again
Because that gnawing in your stomach everyday
Is like, “Maybe I’ll see them tomorrow”
And in the end, you’re either destroyed
Or you made it and you can be with them
And its the best thing ever
But you don’t know which
And it’s anxiety everyday for however long it takes
An extremely long battle you’re not even sure you’ll win
But you pray every night that you will

And this is your life now
I go to college and I'm leaving someone I fell for behind... Four years apart and I'm not sure what to do
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Submitted on
August 14, 2014


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